Trägermaterial: Aluminium eloxiert (E6/EV1) Abdeckung: PMMA Acrylglas weiß, satiniert Beschreibung Aluminiumprofil T-Aluminiumprofil Abdeckung Endkappe flach Endkappe gefüllt Montageclip
Länge: 3000mm Länge: 3000mm Artikelnummer 118356 102453 117301 118452 118454 117052

Protection class: IP44, tested according to DIN VDE 0100-701

Our Gemini profile is specially designed to meet the requirements of furniture manufacturers. The extravagant shape of Gemini can be used to create visually appealing surface-mounted, under-cabinet and pendant luminaires. The Gemini is easy to install with the mounting clip.