Design and functionality

h&c Modularsystem

The h&c modular system is a luminaire system with various configuration options and a wide range of light colors.

Designed primarily for use in care and rehabilitation according to the maxim: artificial light geared to human needs!

Object-related production (also in individual lengths) enables a wide range of applications, always with excellent light values and performance data.

h&c wall light

The right light in a perfect design

The different light outlets allow the lighting in H&C luminaires to be optimally adapted to any situation, especially in the healthcare sector. Whether reading light for patients, precise illumination for care staff or full room illumination.

H&C luminaires always provide the right light.

Illumination options

Illustration Light emission indirect to the wall

Light emission L1

Indirect wall lighting

Ideal illumination as room or mood lighting thanks to double reflection

Illustration Light emission indirect to the ceiling

Light emission L2

Indirect ceiling lighting

Direct ceiling reflection supports the care light. In combination with light emission 1, the entire indirect and glare-free illumination of the room is guaranteed.

Light emission L3/L4

Reading/care lighting

Separately switchable reading light (L3) or optimum working light (L4) for care staff.

Illumination 1 H&C modular system
Illumination 2 H&C modular system
Illumination 3 H&C modular system
Illumination 4 H&C modular system


We always offer customized solutions during production. This allows the h&c wall light to be used in a wide range of applications, leaving nothing to be desired.