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Installation variations – plasterboard & wooden ceilings

Einbau Neo Leuchte in GipskartonEinbau Neo Leuchte in Holzdecke

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In addition to plasterboard or acoustic wooden ceilings, the linear profile can also be installed in other ceiling constructions such as metal panels. The shadow gap integrated into the profile can be concealed using a piping profile. In addition to the standard colors black and white, the decorative profile can be adapted to the customer’s corporate identity.

Integrated ball impact protection

The luminaire system is tested for ball impact resistance in accordance with DIN 18032-3. System-compatible installation is carried out in the installation groove using drywall screws directly into the substructure. The groove can be covered with a piping profile for design reasons or to protect the diffuser. The keder profile is optionally screwed or clamped.

Sensors & technology

The neo lighting system can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and technology:

  • Presence detector for automatic on/off switching in the event of presence or movement
  • Brightness adjustment according to personal requirements or external conditions
  • Light color control adapted to the time of day according to the circadian light cycle
  • Light control via DALI or other common digital interfaces
  • Bluetooth MESH communication between luminaire and smartphone






Lighting scheme pendant luminaire

The two linear light channels of the neo pendant luminaire can be used to create different lighting schemes.
In addition to full illumination through both light channels, direct workplace lighting and indirect room lighting can also be freely selected.