Trägermaterial: Aluminium exloxiert (E6/EV1) Abdeckung: PMMA Acrylglas weiß, satiniert Beschreibung Aluminiumprofil Abdeckung Endkappe steckbar Endkappe schraubbar Endkappe schraubbar transparent Montageclip
Länge: 3000mm Länge: 3000mm Artikelnummer 110960 111755 111186 110963 116405 117052

Protection class: IP44, tested according to DIN VDE 0100-701

Our Cube profile is designed to meet the requirements of our customers in the furniture industry and the object sector. It can be equipped with single LEDs or high-power LEDs. It can be mounted on almost any surface using screws or mounting clips. The silver coating on the top of the cover allows the light to be emitted only from the side.