General Details

The Stix FSL ET is particularly suitable for bedrooms or other living rooms where an attractive lighting ambience is required. The included dimming and colour change function, which can be controlled via a touch spot, is ideal for adapting the light to the situation. With our EasyTouch operation, the handling of the lamp is even more intuitive. Thanks to the flexible hose acting as a holder, the luminaire can be rotated in any direction. So you always have the maximum lighting where you need it.

Possible uses:
 bed light
 reading light
 desk light

item number color*
Stix FSL ET 114738 silver
Stix FSL ET 114758 black
Stix FSL ET 114759 nickel/bronze
Stix FSL ET 114758 pink

*other colours available on request from a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces

tech. specs
power voltage light color* luminaire length flex hose lenght
Stix FSL ET 2W 12V 3000K~5500K 150mm 300mm

*other light colours available on request for orders quantities of 300 pieces or more


Product photos