General Details

Our Flat Spot is the optimal solution for everyone who wants an inconspicuous light source and maximum light at the same time. The ultra-flat LED spot can easily be attached to the underside of cupboards, providing optimum illumination on the surfaces underneath.

A special highlight of our Flat Spot is also the magnetic and therefore easily removable cover. This allows a broken LED to be replaced without great effort.

Possible uses:
 cabinet lighting

item number color
Flat Spot – squared 114006/114022 nickel/white
Flat Spot – round 114005/114021 nickel/white
tech. specs
power voltage light color dimensions
Flat Spot – squared 2,5W 12V 4200K 75x75x6mm
Flat Spot – round 2,5W 12V 4200K Ф75x6mm