General Details

Cubic shape, high luminous efficacy: this is probably the best way to describe Elegance A.
Particularly in the case of luminaires for bathroom and mirror cabinets, emphasis is often placed on a compact profile cross-section without having to compromise on luminosity.

Based on our Cube small Profile

Possible uses:
 mirror light
 cabinet light

item number lenght* mounting bracket
Elegance A 300 114335 300mm 1x
Elegance A 450 450mm 1x
Elegance A 600 600mm 1x
Elegance A 900 115045 900mm 2x
Elegance A 1200 1200mm 2x

*other lengths available on request

tech. specs
power voltage light color*
Elegance A 300 4,1W 12V 4000K
Elegance A 450 6,3W 12V 4000K
Elegance A 600 8,4W 12V 4000K
Elegance A 900 12,7W 12V 4000K
Elegance A 1200 17,1W 12V 4000K

*other light color as well as CCT color change LED on request