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The H&C Modular System

The H&C Modular System is a luminaire system with various configuration options and various light colours.

Designed above all for use in care and rehabilitation according to the maxim: artificial light geared to human needs!

The separately switchable direct and indirect luminaire elements make the luminaire very suitable, for example, for circadian artificial lighting control (biodynamic) in rooms or corridors. The operating and control unit is installed in the luminaire housing (advantageous for renovation work), but can also be mounted externally. The light output via the diffuser is uniform and bright, different diffusers are available. The load-bearing aluminium profile can be fitted with a wide variety of lighting and electrical components (LED panel, diffusers, socket slot, USB port, etc. ) to suit individual requirements. With its combination of straight lines and curved contours, the design is very integrative and blends into a wide variety of room designs. The flowing shapes and the consistent flush design of all inlays are particularly easy to clean.

Object-related production (also in individual lengths) enables a wide range of applications, always with excellent light values and performance data.

modular. for every purpose. always different.

H&C wall luminaire

The modular LED wall lamp H&C was designed especially for use in care and wellness facilities.

The direct and indirect lighting elements can be switched independently of each other. The colour spectrum ranges from cold white light for the active time of the day to relaxing warm white light for the quiet evening hours (colour changing LED). This enables biodynamic (circadian) lighting adapted to the natural rhythm of day and night.

The right light in perfect design

Thanks to the different light exits, the lighting of H&C luminaires can be optimally adapted to any situation, especially in the care sector. Whether reading light for the patient, precise illumination for the nursing staff or full room illumination.

H&C luminaires always provide the right light.

Lighting options

hc Wandleuchte Lichtaustritt L1

light exit L1

indirect wall lighting

Ideal illumination as room or mood light due to double reflection.

hc Wandleuchte Lichtaustritt L2

light exit L2

indirect ceiling lighting

Support of the care light through direct ceiling reflection. In combination with light emission 1, the entire indirect and glare-free illumination of the room is guaranteed.

hc Wandleuchte Lichtaustritt L3

light exit L3/L4

reading / care lighting

separately switchable reading light (L3) or optimal working light (L4) for the nursing staff.


During production we always offer object-related solutions. This means that the H&C wall luminaire can be used for a wide range of applications that leaves nothing to be desired.

Technical data

  • power: 4.000-21.000lm
  • terminal voltage: 220V-240V/52Hz
  • housing anodized or powder-coated
Skizze h&c Wandleuchte

Modular accessories

The H&C luminaires can be configured with flush-mounted switch and socket elements from Berker and can be customised with coloured decorative panels.

  1. + switches

    Berker Integro Flow Design switches

    standard switches

    singel rocker switch double rocker switch
    Berker Integro Einzelwippshalter 936522505 Berker Integro Doppelwippschalter 936552505

    other options on request

  2. + Steckdosen

    Berker Integro Flow Design sockets

    standard sockets

    socket socket 45°
    Berker Integro Steckdose Schuko 941952505 Berker Integro Steckdose Schuko 45° 941952505

    Internationale Steckdosen (Optional auf Anfrage)

    socket Switzerland socket Great Britain
    Berker Integro Steckdose CH 962592505 Berker Integro Steckdose GB 962622505

  3. + Anschlüsse

    Berker Integro Flow Design connections (on request)

    USB port
    Berker Integro USB 926102505

  4. + Dekoblenden

    Standard decorative trims

    white, satin grey

    other colors on request

H&C pendant luminaire

Make two into one. In the H&C LED pendant luminaire, two wall luminaire elements are rotated by 180° and combined to form an A- or V-shaped pendant luminaire.

Equipped with various light and electronic components, the luminaire can be adapted to individual customer requirements on the basis of the aluminium profile. The direct and indirect lighting elements can be switched individually and thus provide biodynamic (circadine) room lighting.

Model A

A-shaped pendant luminaire for applications with a higher direct light component.

Model V

V-shaped pendant luminaire for applications with higher indirect light.

Lighting options

hc Pendelleuchte A1

Thanks to the A and V shape in combination with the various light outlets, the H&C pendant luminaire can be used to create a wide variety of lighting scenarios and adapt them to the customer’s requirements. Thus, the main focus of the application can be placed on both high-intensity direct lighting and indirect ambient lighting with a lower risk of glare.

hc Pendelleuchte V1
hc Pendelleuchte A2
hc Pendelleuchte A3
hc Pendelleuchte V3
hc Pendelleuchte V2

Technical data

  • power: 4.000-21.000lm
  • terminal voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz
  • housing anodized or powder-coated
Skizze h&c Pendelleuchte

Modular accessories

The modular system allows different lengths and multiple diffusers from clear, light-directing to diffuse.

  1. + Abdeckungen

    standard covers

    clear white, diffuse

  2. + Diffusoren

    standard diffusors

    diffuser film blinding foil (<UGR19)

  3. + Dekoblenden

    standard colors

    black grey

    other colors on request


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